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I know where I am financially.
I know how much I earn and how much I spend.
I am aware of what I own and what I owe.

Not confident that you have conquered this step yet?

If you’re frozen on this step,
you might be thinking...

  • "I’m not sure where my money goes each month, but there never seems to be enough."
  • "I’m afraid to spend money -- I second-guess every transaction and feel guilty about most purchases."
  • "My spouse and I can’t seem to agree on how we should spend our money -- we argue about purchases a lot."
  • "I’m a shopaholic and I can’t stop myself."
  • "My spouse/partner takes care of the finances. I think we’re okay? I’m honestly not sure."
  • "Opening mail is stressful."
How can I conquer this step?

EmberHouse goes above and beyond
to help you feel informed.
We will...

  • Patiently guide you through the data-gathering process so you don’t feel overwhelmed. We will draw you a map of what documents you need and where to find them. We’ll even hire professionals to come over and help you if necessary.
  • Hire professional organizers to help you create home filing systems that you can easily maintain -- keeping your important information at your fingertips.
  • Tailor reports to your unique situation, goals, learning style and personality. If the information is easy to digest, it is easy to act on.
  • Connect you to therapists who can help you understand and adjust your impulses, or provide couples’ counseling so you and spouse can discuss finances in a more healthy and productive way.
  • EmberHouse shows you the big picture -- what you own, how much it is costing you, what you can expect in terms of returns in the current market or if the market turns. And, we do it all in plain English. No jargon. No sports analogies (unless you like sports analogies).
Back I’m informed. What’s next?

I can stand on my own two feet.
More money comes in than goes out each month.
I no longer feel buried or behind.
I am financially unencumbered and can withstand the unexpected.

Not confident that you have conquered this step yet?

If you’re frozen on this step,
you might be thinking…

  • "I feel like I’m constantly playing ‘catch-up’ -- we can’t get ahead; every time we build up savings an expense wipes us out."
  • "I may as well treat myself and spend how I want, I’ll never pay this all off anyway."
  • "We thought we were okay, but we weren’t ready for a home repair/layoff/injury/etc. It threw us in a tailspin."
  • "Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night panicking or worrying about my debt. It is crushing me."
How can I conquer this step?

EmberHouse won’t rest
until you feel grounded.
We will...

  • Create feedback loops that reward you when you make progress -- but call you out when you overspend.
  • Coordinate life coaching and/or therapy sessions to cheer you on, hold you accountable and help you understand how you got to where you are so that you can avoid relapse.
  • Guide you towards the right savings accounts for your unique goals and lifestyle, and recommend how much you should keep in the accounts.
  • Share a detailed, individualized debt analysis to determine the right savings and investment levels and mix for you.
  • Provide professional coaching to increase your income & career potential -- whether it is helping you refine your resume, impress at interviews or navigate salary negotiations.
  • EmberHouse explores and pinpoints how much risk you are truly okay with to strike the balance between high returns and sleeping soundly at night. We want you to feel truly grounded about your portfolio.
Back I’m grounded, what’s next?

My path is clear.
I no longer feel lost or reactive when it comes to my finances.
I have defined my priorities and values.

Not confident that you have conquered this step yet?

If you’re frozen on this step,
you might be thinking…

  • "I’m not sure how to approach my charitable giving – I wind up feeling guilty whether I donate or not. Giving dollars without a plan feels scattered, but I never find the time to think about which causes are most important to me. I’m not certain that my contributions make a real difference."
  • "I’m doing fine -- shouldn’t I feel happier?"
  • "When I have to choose between two important expenses -- like a family vacation or a kitchen remodel -- I feel anxious and paralyzed."
  • "I don’t really have anything to complain about, but I feel like something is missing"
How can I conquer this step?

EmberHouse does whatever it takes
to help you narrow in and focus.
We will...

  • Help you take inventory of your unique set of values and determine your priorities.
  • Create a financial plan that includes and ranks every goal per your values so you can easily decide which one(s) will bring you the most joy.
  • Analyze your current spending by category and values to unpack what your purchases mean to you.
  • Provide life coaching to guide you towards a lifestyle that will make you financially and emotionally happier.
  • EmberHouse will dig deep to uncover what really matters to you and your well-being and help you map a course to your new, clear goal.
Back I’m narrowed in. What’s next?

My values and my financial decisions walk hand-in-hand.
I reflect before acting and my actions reflect my core beliefs and priorities.

Not confident that you have conquered this step yet?

If you’re frozen on this step,
you might be thinking…

  • "I know what’s important to me, I know my values, but what do I do now?"
  • "My spouse/partner and I have very different priorities -- most of the time we just agree to disagree and nothing changes."
  • "I’m stuck in a cycle -- my habits don’t make me happy, but I don’t know how to break my habits"
  • "Whenever I start to make a big financial decision, my family pressures me to reconsider or pushes back with what they would do if they were me."
How can I conquer this step?

EmberHouse goes above and beyond to help
instill your values in your financial decisions.
We will...

  • Show you how to incorporate your values into end-of-life wishes for proactive estate planning.
  • Brainstorm a bounty of new ways to translate your values into meaningful action.
  • Help you develop a personal or family mission statement.
  • Get to know your inner money-monologue or money scripts, understand what shaped them and whether they are keeping you from aligning your values with your financial habits.
  • EmberHouse ensures your portfolio’s risk level reflects your goals and priorities -- whether those priorities include luxurious, spontaneous vacations or planning for a loved one’s education.
Back My values are instilled in my plan. What’s next?

I am devoted to staying on track.
When my path seems unclear, I reexamine -- measuring my actions against my priorities.
I’m not just passing, I’m prospering.

Not confident that you have conquered this step yet?

If you’re frozen on this step,
you might be thinking…

  • "I was making progress -- but then life happened. The old plan isn’t working and I’m not sure how to move forward."
  • "I don’t know how to measure my progress. Am I doing okay?"
  • "I don’t know what is wrong, I just feel like I should be happier."
How can I conquer this step?

EmberHouse keeps working until your plan
is tested, tried and true for you.
We will...

  • Survey your values and assess your progress at every single meeting. It’s nice to know where you are.
  • Check your plans and goals against our “Life List” to make sure you are always prepared for and protected against the uncertainty of major life events.
  • Review your focused financial plan at every meeting -- you’ll never lose sight of your goals or accomplishments.
  • EmberHouse wants to help you achieve, but we are also always ready for your plans or priorities to change. If they do, we’ll be standing by to reexamine and adjust your asset allocation and risk levels as needed.
Back My plan is tested. What’s next?

Life is good.
My financial fulfillment has unlocked a new level of life-fulfillment.
I can relax and enjoy the fruits of my effort.

You understand IGNITE – but what’s next?

Congratulations! If you’re here,
you have reached financial harmony.

  • "I have everything I need and want with a little left over."
  • "Goodbye money anxiety, I can approach financial decisions with a sense of peace and calm."
  • "Money is my friend, not my enemy, and won’t drive a wedge between me and anyone else -- not my spouse, a friend, my check-splitting coworker or a cookie-wielding girl scout."
How can I get here?
Scroll up to find your way to financial serenity.

Financial anxiety can leave you frozen.
We help you _!!warm!!_ _!!up!!_ _!!to!!_ _!!your!!_ _!!wealth.!!_

We guide you through our proprietary IGNITE process –
stepping stones that, one by one, create a path to financial peace.

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