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Where traditional advisors fizzle, we sizzle –
offering the highest level of financial services available.

EmberHouse Typical Personal Financial Advisor Typical Roboadvisor
Portfolio Management
Personalized Investment Recommendations
We hand-pick specific investments based on your unique financial goals.
Asset Allocation
We determine the right mix of stocks, bonds and cash for your unique situation, needs and goals, then apply them to your portfolio.
Investment Monitoring and Rebalancing
As markets move and your needs change, we keep a careful eye and make necessary portfolio adjustments.
Account Aggregation
We present an at-a-glance view of your financial position by pulling your current financial information, assets and liabilities into a simple website and app.
Financial Planning
Tailor-made Financial Plan
After a detailed, human-to-human interview, we use your questions, concerns and values to create a dynamic financial plan and give you clear direction.
Financial Goal Identification
Whether your goals are elusive or you know them by rote, we work with you to fully understand and develop the basics (like retirement) and dive deep to add goals specific to your values and situation (like a future wedding or charitable bequest).
Financial Progress Monitoring
We continuously monitor your plan and update you on your progress at every meeting. That way we can celebrate and/or adjust as needed.
Above & Beyond Services
Next-Generation Wealth Counseling
Money habits are often inherited. We help your children or inheritors learn how to responsibly handle wealth so that you can feel at ease about your legacy.
IGNITE Progress Report
How close are you to being IGNITEd? We present a progress report at each meeting and help you chart your next steps towards Enlightened.
Life Insurance Needs Consult
We work in tandem with either your existing insurance agent or one of our trusted partners to thoroughly vet your current coverage. We don’t accept commissions, so you can count on our unbiased analysis.
Property and Casualty Insurance Consult
We work in tandem with either your existing insurance agent or one of our trusted partners to thoroughly vet your current coverage against your specific needs.
Long-Term Care Insurance Guidance
We collaborate with your current life/health insurance agent or one of our trusted partners to determine if LTC insurance or self-insuring better suit your needs, determine how much coverage is needed and the best policy for you. We don’t accept commissions, so you can count on our unbiased guidance.
Estate Planning Brainstorming
Before you start racking up billable hours with an estate attorney, meet with us. We teach you the basics of estate planning and together, we answer the big questions and make the big plans to streamline and simplify your attorney meeting.
Unclaimed Property/Funds Search
Did you know that the state of Illinois alone is holding more than $2.5billion of unclaimed property? We make sure you and your family knows and has what is rightfully yours.
Annuity Analysis
We create a comprehensive review and summary data sheet of your existing annuity contracts. You’ll know what you are paying, what you are getting and what you should do for each annuity. We don’t accept commissions, so you can count on our unbiased guidance.
Debt Repayment Strategy
We work with you to create a smart, sustainable and behaviorally-focused approach to help you pay excess debt down as quickly as possible.
Budgeting Assistance
We provide a budget template or even professional help gathering and analyzing your records to get a better picture of where you stand today.
Behavioral Services
Values Survey & Inventory
Together we assess and take inventory of all your values. We narrow in on what is most important to you, help you articulate it and use these values as the bedrock for every financial decision we face together.
Behavioral Progress Checks
Together, we identify the specific behavioral changes necessary to helping you achieve your goal. We connect regularly to hold you accountable to these changes and help you recognize any progress or roadblocks.
Individual Therapy
If needed, we connect you with a professional therapist for counseling to uncover the emotional root of your money problems and how to break bad habits.
Couples Therapy
If needed, we connect you with a professional therapist to work through any issues underlying your chronic money arguments with your partner.
Life Coaching
We go above and beyond to unstick you when you feel stuck. Our trusted life coach partners work with you to discover and conquer your roadblocks.
Career Coaching
If desired, we connect you with a professional career coach to help you realize your full earning potential, or give you the courage and confidence to take the next step.
Service Model
Dedicated Financial Advisor
You enjoy the hyper-personalized service of consistently working and building a relationship with your dedicated EmberHouse advisor.
Service-Level Agreement
We respond to all calls and communications within one business day. It’s our guarantee.
Advisor-to-Client Ratio
Your EmberHouse advisor will never have more than 50 households on their roster, so you always get the individualized attention and follow-up that you have come to expect.
50 150 5000

Our _!!worry-free!!_
_!!pricing!!_ agreement

Everything we do at EmberHouse is designed to help you reduce money fear and stress and live your best life. Our pricing is no different.

Free Consultation

You don’t pay a dime until we both feel like we’re a good fit for one another.

No Long-Term Contract

Pay as you go and feel free to go whenever you like -- You will never get slapped with termination or liquidation fees from us.

No Hidden Fees

One transparent fee covers all services -- no upcharges, add-ons, transaction fees or any of that nonsense.

Assets Annual Fee
<500k Let's chat !
500k - 1M 1.50%
1M - 2.5M 1.25%
>1M - 2.5M Negotiated

Don’t have $500k, but are on your way? You may still benefit from EmberHouse, let’s chat and see if we can work together.

We Work for You

We are only paid by our clients as their fiduciary. We don’t accept any commissions and we aren’t captive to any products -- there is never a conflict of interest because you are always our only interest.

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